5 productive things you could do between trips

5 productive things you could do between trips

Jun 9, 2020 Tips by writer

When you find yourself waiting for new riders or experiencing longer periods of downtime than expected, it’s easy to get frustrated. You’re dedicated to your work and as an Uber partner, you’re used to making the most of your time.

Here’s the good news: you can fill the lulls in your schedule with activities that can help you become a better driver-partner, earn better ratings, and create a more enjoyable experience for you and the riders you pick up.

Consider some of these productive ways to make the most of the time you spend with Uber.

Brush Up on Local Roads and Routes

Intimately knowing your city will help you provide the best experience for your rider, since you won’t need to exclusively rely on your GPS. You can also take different roads when your rider requests a route that’s different that what your GPS shows, or when you need to navigate around an unexpected block or a lot of traffic.

Purchase paper maps that you can keep in your car to keep your phone free, and study them during your downtime. Depending on how you learn, you may want to take notes or mark up specific places on your map.

Then, when you hit the road again, pay close attention to street and neighborhood names. Through repetition, you can retain more and more information from your maps and from road signs as you drive.

Spot Clean Your Car

You may not have time to thoroughly clean everything between each rider — and you probably don’t want to — but if you experience extended periods of time between completing a route and waiting for a new request, go over the areas of your car that tend to get dirty the fastest.

Keep cleaning wipes on hand to quickly go over door handles and panels and shake out floor mats that might hang on to dirt.

This enhances the rider experience and increases your chance for a better rating. It also gives you a chance to check for lost items that previous riders may be looking for.

Restock Necessary Supplies

Keeping items with riders, your car, or yourself can make your job easier and  riders’ experience better. These might include (but are not necessary) bottled water, tissues, cleaning supplies, and more.

Knowing your city can help you accomplish this productive task. If you end a route and you know you’re close to a convenience or drugstore, you’ll maximize the time you spend restocking what you need because you won’t need to figure out where to go.

Take Care of Yourself

The great thing about partnering with Uber is that you work on your own schedule, when and where you want. The downside is that it can be easy to neglect your own needs in favor of continuing to work. The earning power is in your hands, and many people find it difficult to take a break when they could keep working.

Taking a break is a productive use of your time when you’re waiting on the next rider. Eat a snack, grab a coffee, or take an extended break if you need a more thorough rest. Caring for yourself will ensure that you don’t burnout and can sustain your work schedule over time.

Learn Something New

In addition to studying maps and getting to know your local routes better, consider learning from other materials that will help you improve professionally or personally.

Bring along an audiobook to listen to while you wait for new riders. Look into language CDs that you can practice along with when rider request volume is low. You can also tune into podcasts and get news, stories, and fresh ideas to inspire you– and inform more thoughtful conversations with your passengers.

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