Month: June 2020

Best ways to manage stress

Jun 23, 2020 Tips by writer
Goal setting and relaxation techniques reduce stress and ease the physical and emotional burden it can take. Stressful experiences come in many forms, such as a demanding job, a chronic disease, or an argument with a loved one. But all types of stressors—even stress from positive experiences, such as planning a party—can result in the
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5 productive things you could do between trips

Jun 9, 2020 Tips by writer
When you find yourself waiting for new riders or experiencing longer periods of downtime than expected, it’s easy to get frustrated. You’re dedicated to your work and as an Uber partner, you’re used to making the most of your time. Here’s the good news: you can fill the lulls in your schedule with activities that
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6 Ways to Balance Fun, Productivity and Security at Work

Jun 2, 2020 Tips by writer
Government organizations like to use phrases like “fun environment,” “creative staff” or even “risk-taking encouraged” to describe the values they espouse at work. No one wants a boring office life. Whether they’re attracting new talent, trying to keep existing high flyers from jumping ship or changing the office culture to suit the demands of Millennials,
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