10 Things You Will Experience at Your First Job

10 Things You Will Experience at Your First Job

So it is the first day of yours at work. You are dressed as a professional and your family and you feel proud of yourself. It is not necessary that the first job you get may be your dream job; but it will surely be a strong pillar on your career growth.

Here are the 10 things that you will experience at your first job:


You will learn a lot. It will give you real experiences in your real life. You will work as a professional and also be open to learn whatever new will come in.


You will make new friends who will help and guide you in the initial days. Later on, you may be an enthusiastic person who loves his work place and always ready to gel in with different people at work or else you may have a small group of friends or maybe you work within your department only and do not gel in with colleagues from the other department.


You will realize what “deadlines” and “attendance” actually means. You are no more in school or college. No more summer holidays or mass bunk.


Small things will give you happiness. A small compliment from your co-worker or your boss will lighten up your day.


You will feel important when you are asked to attend a meeting. You may also get nervous, but that usually happens.


Your life will totally change and you will get used to brutal and honest feedback from your boss or colleagues. Bosses can sometimes be harsh. You cannot take your work for granted. You learn the importance of responsibilities. You have to complete your work on time and be responsible for the results.


Your first cheque will always be an achievement and that will definitely want you to treat your family and friends. For the first time in your life, it is YOUR money. You will also be independent and use your earning wisely.


There may be someone working in the same department as you who will not appreciate your work and will always compete with you.


You will become a responsible person and your parents will be proud of you. You will be a multi-tasker at work and at home too. The classic dialogue “Mera beta bada ho gaya…” will be said by your parents.


You get an identity of yourself once you have spent some time at work. Your name gets attached to the organization you work with and will also be there when you leave the place. As in, it will be in your resume and maybe while on business trip or meetings, someone may recognize you.


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